Millionshort is an awesome search tool

TLDR: is an awesome search engine tool to keep around. I have found several great uses for it, and figured others out there may enjoy knowing about it, too.

Search engines have been core to my didactic explorations in software development, networking, and media processing. Though often the only tool I need, I have on occassion run into a problem where using a search engine feels like I could accidentally buy something. I imagine many self-taught technologists have experienced this scenario - seeking knowledge but ending up with a new expense on the credit card instead. This problem is older than it sounds, and likely has been a problem with search engines since their general inception.

Using Altavista to figure out how to make room for some (legal) music video downloads off of in the mid-90s led me to the mistaken purchase of a zip drive and a zip disk, when all I probably needed was a clearing out of the Recycle Bin. Today, this general condition persists; many use Google to figure out how to make room for more media, and get brought to an Amazon purchase page instead. This may or may not be the correct way to solve the user’s dilemma, but it would be great if we could rely on a search tool that has the ability to knock out the lowest-common-denominator in web searches - not just web shopping, but also content spam, SEO hacking, etc., that plagues today’s web search results.

Luckily, I have discovered Millionshort, a super nice search engine that I would recommend people use when they need to cut through the cruft.


The features I like about Millionshort are: