Smart Document Scanning in Linux

I recently purchased a Brother ADS-1000W, a nifty and tiny document scanner that has rather good support in Linux.

After obtaining some necessary software and doing a bit of troubleshooting, I got my Arch Linux system scanning documents and parsing the resulting images for searchable strings. This means - yes - you can scan all of your loose documents and thus maintain a dated and tagged repository of all your shit!

First things first, you’ll need to obtain the Brother drivers from the AUR.

Once you’ve installed brscan4, go ahead and run pacman -S simple-scan to get a good lightweight scanning app. That should be all you need to do to start scanning documents!

If you find that simple-scan doesn’t recognize your Brother scanner, you may need to engage in some trickery which is well-documented over on the Ubuntu user forums.

Supposing you’re one of those super hardcore types, you could always look into obtaining the fantastic Paperwork, a Linux-only app developed to scan and parse documents via a 1000W-esque device.