jekyll-hypermusic is my effort to unify, archive, and distribute the music releases resulting from my music project, Sonic Multiplicities. is a substantial, and ever-growing jekyll project, which houses the activities of my music project, Sonic Multiplicities.

It’s built off a fork of an outstanding jekyll theme made by akiritsu.

It was designed to serve as the single source of truth for my music, and to automate the processes involved with releasing, distributing, and archiving my music releases. As a proponent of peer-to-peer distribution technologies and decentralized media distribution platforms, I wanted to entirely remove my reliance upon comercial and third-party music/audio services.

After all, my music is not pursued for notoriety, nor for profit. I am in this for the very long haul, placing different sorts of emphases on how I administer my catalog. I made the decision long ago to always make my music available for free, and as flexibly as possible. Though I am not averse to utilizing services like Bandcamp and SoundCloud, not to mention Apple Music or Spotify, I do want to get to a place where their use is supplemental - not crucial - to the musician’s activities.

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Technologies Used