I am a digital media pioneer exploring the technological space that intersects mobile consumption and user-generated content creation. Among peers, I am known for my ability to design robust back-end systems that allow companies to process and distribute digital media at scale. Though quick and voluminous media processing is my specialty, breaking down the technological barriers of media production and consumption is my end goal. I strive to empower artists, musicians, and all other digital storytellers by minimizing the barriers that stand between unfiltered expression and technological perfection.

The effectiveness of my approach is reinforced by the degree to which I work within the nuances of media production best practices. I leverage a decade of experience producing award-winning music, audiobooks, and radio programs. This expertise instills within me the understanding and the duty to reinforce media fidelity. The creation, post-production, and distribution of digital media all require adherence to quality standards of their own to achieve the common goal of high-fidelity delivery. I have valuable experience in each step of the media pipeline - and I have experience in building the actual pipelines, too.

My particular strengths in the digital media continuum include streaming, mobile, cryptography, metadata, and transcoding. As for software – I write most of my code in Ruby, Rust, and Go these days. I very closely follow the nightly builds of FFmpeg, SoX, and SuperCollider.


22 Sep 2015 . video . Using fluent-ffmpeg to QA video Comments

This article will outline how to return QA results from successfully-executed FFmpeg commands in about 10 minutes. Using this technique allows a company to examine its video transcoding strategies objectively, allowing for more targeted improvements to the transcoding system’s backend code. There are a chock-full of ways to automate the…

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  • June 2015 - Today

    Since June, I have been consulting for technology companies under my consulting organization, Sacred Data Media Partners.

  • January 2015 - June 2015

    As a member of SpokenLayer’s founding team, I was in charge of all content logistics, as well as for building out the company’s ambitious automated podcast generation software.

  • October 2013 - December 2014

    As the resident audio scientist for Amazon’s ACX platform, I was charged with building an automated quality assurance and media processing platform capable of handling an unprecedented throughput of over 1500 hours of audio per month.

  • September 2012 - October 2013

    As my contract was nearing its end, Audible.com offered me a full-time position. As a result, I was transferred to the post-production team so that I could contribute to larger-scale projects involving Audible Studios’ backend services and media QA activities.

  • October 2011 - September 2012

    Right out of college, I began a one-year production contract with Audible.com, an Amazon subsidiary and the industry leader in audiobook production and distribution.

  • September 2007 - August 2011

    Bachelor studies in Digital Audio Technology @ Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, one of the world’s top-ranked music schools.


I welcome you to email me at the address listed below. If you want to communicate confidentially, feel free to use my PGP key.

andrew [at] grathwohl /d|o|t\ me