Reviews of John Zorn's 2019 Output (Thus Far)

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Music's Disharmony with Culture: Part I.

I don’t like the term “composer” to describe the kind of artistic work I do. Rather, I’m a musical theorist with a mission. That mission is to address the ever-deepening and widening discrepancy between the worlds of music and consumer technology,...

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Vinyl's Resurgence is Weirdly Exploitative

If you still care about the music industry at all, you have likely heard lately that we are in the midst of a vinyl resurgence - a boom of new interest in this once fledgling market is underway, they say. Well, if this is how we have to have vinyl...

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Audio Mastering Workflow for Linux - Part 1

This series of posts will detail the audio mastering workflow I employ on my main Linux workstation: