Hi, I'm Andrew

This is my personal landing page. I post things I am working on, thoughts I am having, and ideas I am looking to develop further, on this space from time to time. Please feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed if you are interested in keeping in touch with my randomly-timed utterances. Click here for my (as of July 2019) up-to-date resume. I endeavor for Grathwohl.me to uphold three basic design traits: fast load times, security, and privacy. If I have failed to uphold these in any way and you want to tell me about it, I welcome you to drop me a line.

How To Figure Me Out

I am, first and foremost, a lover of sound. My lifelong passions deal with music, audio engineering, and digital signal processing. I studied music composition and audio engineering at the Jacbos School of Music, one of the world's leading music institutions, and then went on to work in all sorts of audio-related fields for film and television, including foley artistry, sound FX design, overdub and ADR direction.


Later I moved into audiobooks and podcasting, joining Audible as an audiobook editor and quickly climbing the ladder up to becoming the leader of ACX's audio initiatives. It was then that, for a time, I donned the professional title, "Andrew the Audio Scientist".

One Word: Media

My ultimate fascinations lie in the ways and means by which humans communicate, convey ideas, and express themselves. Towards these ends, I've devoted my life to studying, analyzing, and understanding how we leverage today's multimedia technologies to achieve our personal ambitions.


My ambitions in music comprise my life's work. They are where I explore the outter-edges of my soul, dang it!

Sonic Multiplicities

See the Sonic Multiplicities home page for videos and documents relating to my music system more than ten years in the making! Exploring a new framework for electroacoustic improvisation and instrumental expansion.


My official releases can be obtained on Bandcamp.

Film Scores

Using the Sonic Multiplicities performance framework to perform film scores in real-time.

Broken Hearts on Ice

My long-running project for bizarre music designed to make people uncomfortable... with occassional bouts of intense, ecstatic musical bliss. Lately, I've been producing and releasing abstract musique concrete works for 16-channel 3rd order ambisonics under this moniker.